Thursday, 3 March 2016

Trippy Triangle Tangle

Tippy Triangle
When I started this piece I didn’t realize just how difficult the triangle would be to design. It required math. Math?!? What math?!?  Nobody said there’d be math! Hurmph.
In the end I suppose it was worth it.  I love the trippiness factor of this piece. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a little op-art project.  The bunzos don’t quite pop out of the triangle as much as I was hoping they would, but c’est la vie.
And even more impressive, I remembered to take before pics! GO ME!
Here is the finished triangle, before the bunzo or shading was added. (The part that required all of that dangnabbit math. Humph.

This is the triangle with the bunzo before shading:
And the final piece, all shaded and ready to pop!

op art zentangle triangle with bunzo
op-art zentangle triangle with bunzo


  1. Can you give a brief description of the math? I never dreamed there would be math either, but I think I could handle what is required if I wanted to!

  2. Measuring. Lots of measuring. I wasn't seeing the lines or the spaces between as they appeared in the step out. There's been some feedback and discussion on the fb page I posted this on, I'll be writing up a new post on how to do this triangle the EASY way (math free :D )