Thursday, 3 March 2016

3D Triangle - Unexpected Second Go At It (mathless)

3D Triangle with Step-Out

3d triangle shaded
Triangle with printemps

For those who have read my previous post, as you know when I attempted this triangle the first time it involved math.  I don’t do math. When I posted the results on Eni Oken’s shading zentangle facebook page, Lesley Wester pointed out this walkthrough video:

Thank you Jonathan Harris !!!

See I’d been following this step-out from wikihow – which works from the inside out.  The video from youtube works from the outside in, requiring no math whatsoever. Which, for me, is a good thing.


3d step out from wikihow

So thanks to Lesley and Jonathan, I managed to figure the pattern out.  And I thought, hey, why not step it out for others.

3d triangle step by step
My step-out for 3D triangle

Here’s my step out of the 3D triangle.  This is not my design, I did not create it. But I did draw this step out on how I will be doing it without the dreaded math. Please check out the video, for without it I wouldn’t have been able to make this step out.  Unfortunately you can’t print out a video and bring it to your drawing table, but feel free to print out this walkthrough to do exactly that with it.  All credit goes to Jonathan Harris on  Here’s that link again.

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P.S. I used a ruler – my hand is not nearly as steady Jonathan’s. I blame caffeine.

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  1. Thank you very much, Kiki - I think I will try the top one first - it looks easier somehow!