Sunday, 18 May 2014

Zentangle Canadian Flag

Zentangle Inspired Art Part 16

Canadian Flag

            Wacky Zentangle’s facebook page put up a challenge to tangle your country’s flag.  Once I got the hang of the maple leaf (barely, and after many many MANY attempts) I was able to proudly do this piece.  

Note: I still haven't gotten the better quality pencil crayons.  Looking forward to having a few extra bucks to spend on the high quality ones. 

Zentangle Inspired Art Canadian Flag Maple Leaf

Monday, 12 May 2014

Flower Tips

Zentangle Inspired Art Part 15

Flower Tips

            The facebook page “Wacky Zentangle” put up a weekly challenge for a flower inspired zentangle.  I remembered a beautiful piece by Pysanky Pittsburgh that had caught my eye.  I went back and searched it, (you can find it here) and used it for inspiration to create my own piece, though hers is far better (so you should really check it out). 

            Note to self: Use higher quality pencil crayons.

flower, zentangle, tips, zia

Friday, 9 May 2014

Cadent Circles

Zentangle Inspired Art Part 14

Cadent Circles (Monotangle)

            The facebook page “Wacky Zentagle” put up a weekly challenge for a monotangle.  Which means I probably shouldn’t have used the circles since the tangle I chose was Cadent.  Ah well, there are no mistakes in zentangling, right?

            This was the first piece where I really used colour.  I felt like a kid again, with better, more expensive crayons (or in this case, pencil crayons) and paper… I booboo’ed by using marker to fill in the whole circle (second to last one) but other than that, I think it turned out fairly well.
monotangle, cadent, circle, zentangle, zia, zentangle inspired art

Monday, 5 May 2014

Fantasy Garden 2

Zentangle Inspired Art Part 13

Fantasy Garden #2

            This is my second fantasy garden, and I’m loving the flowers.  I had the opportunity to use my new pens throughout this one, and I love the depth they provide.  The gardens are a blast to do, and since my honey got me a bigger canvas pad, I’m hoping to do some larger ones. 

fantasy garden, ZIA, Zentangle inspired art