Sunday, 25 June 2017

Back from MIA with Scallamp

Back from MIA with Scallamp

I’ve been a little MIA lately – I started on a larger piece, and as Eni Oken has said many times, it’s good to work on smaller pieces because of that quick-to-have sense of accomplishment.  She was so right.  I’ve been waiting on the markers I need to finish the big piece, and haven’t been tangling much since.  I finally realized a few days ago that it was time to put the large piece aside, and get some tiles done – play around with some patterns, get back to the things I love.


So I went through the site and flipped through the top bar til I found a tangle that inspired me.  I found Sara Uram’s pattern Scallamp and thought, YES! This is for me! 


So here it is, my first tile in a long while. I did many that first night as a warm up, played with some distressed backgrounds too – I’ll include the second tile as well.


Stay tuned for the larger piece… it’ll get finished… someday…