Thursday, 17 March 2016

Double Challenge and 3rd Watercolor

Double Challenge and 3rd Watercolor

St. Patrick's Day Zentangle shamrock
St. Patrick's Day Zentangle Shamrock

Another double the challenge/double the fun.  Eni Oken’s challenge from her shading facebook page for watercolored backgroung and the Diva’s challenge for a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

The most valuable lesson I learned from this one is not to use cheap watercolors.  I have some very nice watercolor pencils, and apparently some very crappy ones.  You can see the difference… the lighter green actually looks like watercolor, whereas the darker green (the cheapies) just look like pencil crayons, or maybe even waxed crayons. 

Before pic


  1. Oh, I really like this, Kiki! I love the shamrocks and the tangles you added!

  2. Lovely tile. And I know what you mean about the pencils but the different textures actually add a lot of interest.

    1. Thanks Dorita! I should definitely look at it that way :)