Friday, 21 February 2014

Bubble Bath vs Bath Foam

Bubble Bath vs Bath Foam

The Proof is in the Bubbles

     There is nothing quite as exhilarating or relaxing as a good old fashioned bubble bath.  With the power of aromatherapy erupting in a cloud of sensational scents and the detoxifying effects of Epsom salts you can turn bath time into a full body rejuvenation.  So where has all the bubble bath gone?

     There was a time, not so long ago, when drug-store shelves were brimming with a variety of bubble baths.  Recently that epidemic has been replaced with a new product, guaranteed to be just as remarkable as it's predecessor: Bath Foam.

     Well, allow me to be the one to dispute this opinion.  Bath foam is kinda gross.  It bubbles up in the tub as much as bubble bath, but lacks the texture and consistency.  It feels like... well... foam. I, personally, do not want to relax and clean myself in a tub full of a substance that I fight with every time I try to take a new electronic out of a box.

     I've had store clerks tell me bath foam and bubble bath are the same thing.  They are not.  I've had sales clerks recommend shower gel as an equal alternative... have these people never taken a proper bubble bath? Finally, after over a year of searching shelves for a decently scented BUBBLE BATH (and no, Disney's Princess Bubble Gum scented bubble bath does not count) I came across my version of bathing heaven:  Bath and Body Works.
     Shelves upon shelves of BUBBLE BATH! Yes, actual Bubble Bath! Not foam! (Though one sales woman did suggest I use shower gel when the scent I wanted wasn't available in the bubble bath selection... pfft!)

    Now these glorious bubble baths are mighty expensive, at 18$ a bottle, but man-oh-man, when you pay for quality you get it.  (Also, they always have these 'buy 2 get 1 free' things going on so I've never actually paid full price.) 

    Let's take a closer look at the quality here.  First off, I've tried the sleepy time bubble bath and salts, and they work.  Beautifully.  But my absolute favourite product they carry is their Anti-stress line. 

     Slipping into the tub with this combo is like slipping into a cloud in heaven.  A wet cloud, but a cloud nonetheless.  My skin immediately felt smooth to the touch.  I couldn't stop rubbing my silky legs! And the bubbles, oh the bubbles! No foamy crap, no frothing garbage, real tried and true bubbles! Heavenly!

     I'd love to find a product of this quality that I don't have to drive an hour to find and that isn't as costly, but in the meantime I'll have to stick with this one. 

     So if you're like me, and relish in the sweet sanctuary of a good bubble bath, but have been fighting the bath foam imposters, know that you are not alone dear friend.  There is help out there for those of us have been denied our right to bubbly-goodness.  It's expensive, but it's out there.

     HINT: If you use expensive scented bath salts, buy a big portion of Epsom salts at any store, which are super cheap, and mix them with the scented stuff.  I stretch out one of the jars shown above into 3 jars with Epsom salts.  You can still benefit from the detox of the Epsom salts with the quality essence of the costlier stuff.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Light Her Fire: The Right Way

Light Her Fire
The Right Way

     Yes, yes, we all know smoking is a terrible habit.  If you abhor smoking and smokers, there is no reason for you to travel further down this written path. Move along.

      For those of you who aren't fuddy-duddies when it comes to another's choice of oral fixation, do not stray.  Here's the how-to of lighting someone else's cigarette.

#1 - Close into your ignition target as if you are a blocking the wind.  Even if you're indoors.  Any excuse to get a little closer is always nice touch.  No need for bodily touching though, your target needs a light, not an excuse for you to get your bump and grind on.

#2 - Ignite your choice of fires, (lighter, match, illusionist's stick up your sleeve ) at least a few inches away from the target.  Let's not set their hair or fur-coat on fire here.

#3 - Bring that lit flame about an inch away from the cigarette, let your target close the gap between their unlit end and your smitten spark.

#4 - MOST IMPORTANT: Don't pull away until they're finished! Never extinguish the flame before your target is satisfied that a true haul as been achieved.  Otherwise they are left feeling like dehydrated fish sucking on that dart for a moment of satisfaction, leaving you both feeling no less than foolish.

  Like a solid handshake, or being able to make eye-contact, the proper lighting of someone's cigarette denotes a sense of character and self-confidence, so go forth and light accordingly grasshopper.

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The Saga of Yoga and Yogurt

Day 1
(How much left to lose: 60 pounds)

            I stepped on the scale this morning completely naked and YOUCH!  Time to stop blaming those extra pounds on my pyjamas being of extra-thick fabric.  Especially since I don’t wear pyjamas. So a losin’ we will go.  Now I’m not interested in getting all skinny and such.  Okay well that’s a lie, who wouldn’t want to be an ideal weight? But the truth is, I don’t have unrealistic goals.  My unicorn disagrees, but he’s a dumbass. I would be completely pleased with being in shape, and flexible.

And hence begins the Saga of Yoga and Yogurt. I used to do yoga… sporadically. In other words, I’d do a few poses and be proud that I could be all twisty and bendy and stuff.    I used to eat yogurt too, I’d buy a 12 pack and always wind up throwing out about 6 of them three months after they expired and I finally cleaned out my fridge.

Now to take on a different route to perfection. And you  (yes YOU!) have the ability to observe my impending fall into despair and failure.