Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Saga of Yoga and Yogurt

Day 1
(How much left to lose: 60 pounds)

            I stepped on the scale this morning completely naked and YOUCH!  Time to stop blaming those extra pounds on my pyjamas being of extra-thick fabric.  Especially since I don’t wear pyjamas. So a losin’ we will go.  Now I’m not interested in getting all skinny and such.  Okay well that’s a lie, who wouldn’t want to be an ideal weight? But the truth is, I don’t have unrealistic goals.  My unicorn disagrees, but he’s a dumbass. I would be completely pleased with being in shape, and flexible.

And hence begins the Saga of Yoga and Yogurt. I used to do yoga… sporadically. In other words, I’d do a few poses and be proud that I could be all twisty and bendy and stuff.    I used to eat yogurt too, I’d buy a 12 pack and always wind up throwing out about 6 of them three months after they expired and I finally cleaned out my fridge.

Now to take on a different route to perfection. And you  (yes YOU!) have the ability to observe my impending fall into despair and failure.  

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