Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Light Her Fire: The Right Way

Light Her Fire
The Right Way

     Yes, yes, we all know smoking is a terrible habit.  If you abhor smoking and smokers, there is no reason for you to travel further down this written path. Move along.

      For those of you who aren't fuddy-duddies when it comes to another's choice of oral fixation, do not stray.  Here's the how-to of lighting someone else's cigarette.

#1 - Close into your ignition target as if you are a blocking the wind.  Even if you're indoors.  Any excuse to get a little closer is always nice touch.  No need for bodily touching though, your target needs a light, not an excuse for you to get your bump and grind on.

#2 - Ignite your choice of fires, (lighter, match, illusionist's stick up your sleeve ) at least a few inches away from the target.  Let's not set their hair or fur-coat on fire here.

#3 - Bring that lit flame about an inch away from the cigarette, let your target close the gap between their unlit end and your smitten spark.

#4 - MOST IMPORTANT: Don't pull away until they're finished! Never extinguish the flame before your target is satisfied that a true haul as been achieved.  Otherwise they are left feeling like dehydrated fish sucking on that dart for a moment of satisfaction, leaving you both feeling no less than foolish.

  Like a solid handshake, or being able to make eye-contact, the proper lighting of someone's cigarette denotes a sense of character and self-confidence, so go forth and light accordingly grasshopper.

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