Monday, 28 April 2014

Fantasy Garden 1

Zentangle Inspired Art Part 11

Fantasy Garden 1

            I named this Fantasy Garden 1 because I imagine I’ll be doing a bunch more.  The Dragonair tangle is now one of my favourites.   The mushrooms were a lot of fun too, and I’m loving the vines and dangle-tangles. 
            It's hard to tell on the scan, but I added a little colour to the dragonairs in this piece.  I grated a pencil crayon with a knife and smudged it with a tissue and Q-tips to add a green tinge.

            I got some actual pens, not dollar store sharpies but I didn’t have the chance to use them on this tangle.  Having the 5 different sizes (.005, .01, .03, .05, .08) and some very funky micron color paint pens is allowing for some awesome effects, to be seen in future ZIAs.

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