Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cigarette Style

Zentangle Part 8

Cigarette Style

            I’ve officially botched two of my Zentangles to the point where I won’t be finishing them.  That’s tough for me, since one of the things I love about tangling is the feeling of completion. I never start one Zentangle before I’m done another.  Regardless, I trudge on. 

            I started “Cigarette Style” the same way I was inspired to put a clock in the mushroom in Zentangle Part 2.  I looked around my room, my eyes set on the object, and a Zentangle was created.  Because I’m new to Zentangles, I always want to try out new patterns, but found it hard to work those new patterns into the swirls in this piece.  So it was a challenge, but I do love the end result.

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