Thursday, 31 March 2016

Knightsbridge #3 Fan

Knightsbridge #3 Fan

Knightsbridge Zentangle Fan

I’m so happy with this one! Love the way it turned out.  I did try to leave a drop shadow, but I didn’t like how it looked.  I erased it after, but it still left a bit of residue on the tile.  Despite that little issue, I’m so please with this piece!

Has anyone else had a problem with the black micron coming off a bit while shading with a smudge stick? That happened to me about mid-fan.  It was a first.  I just used some black ink to cover it, but was still a little thrown off by the whole thing.

Anyhooo here are my steps

First pic – The basic outline of the fan

Knightsbridge Fan Zentangle step 1
Knightsbridge Fan Zentangle step 1


Secong Pic – added the black

Knightsbridge Fan Zentangle step 2
Knightsbridge Fan Zentangle step 2

Third Pic – With shading! Final piece!

Knightsbridge Fan Zentangle
Knightsbridge Fan

It took many layers of shading to get the final results. 
Tools: Tile, Micron .005 and .3 and.5, Staedtler pencil 2b, white prismacolor pencil crayon and a smudge stick.

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