Saturday, 5 March 2016

Narwal Zentangle (attempt anyhow)

Narwal… Still Not Quite There Yet


Concept of Narwal still not quite grasped yet.  Though I seem to be getting a bit better at it.  I figure by my 100th or 10,000th attempt I should have it down. I do love the border though!

I probably should have been a little more focused while I was working on it, but I was watching the Oscars (I was late to the party) and I had to look up at the screen. A lot.  And because of my distraction, of course I completely forgot to get before and after pics. Le sigh.

zentangle narwal
Zentangle Narwal

I’m hoping, eventually, to find my groove with it, and step it out in a way that I understand, like with the triangle.

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