Sunday, 20 March 2016

Last Watercoloured Background Zentangle


Last Watercoloured Background Zentangle (for now)

Watercolor Zentangle Peace
Watercolor Zentangle Peace

So this is it for the watercoloured backgrounds for now.  I still have a couple left, but I’ve put them aside to focus on the new challenges.  I’ll probably incorporate them with a challenge tangle at some point.

Here’s what I’ve learned from doing the watercolour challenge

#1 – Don’t use cheap watercolour pencils.  They wind up looking more like crayon marks when they dry.

#2  - Microns tend to bleed a bit on the watercoloured tiles.

#3 – Don’t lightly use a  black watercolour pencil for the background – it winds up just looking like the tile got dirty (see example on my peace sign above)

#4 – I’ve mentioned it before, and thanks to Eni we in the shading fb group were given a heads-up on these 2 points: Let your watercolour dry completely (24 hours) before zentangling it and put the drying pieces between waxed paper and some heavy books to flatten it out. If you know of a better way to make stop the tiles from curving and curling with the watercolour, please let me know! Even with the books and waxed paper mine still curve and curled a bit.

That’s all folks! On to the next challenge!

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