Friday, 1 April 2016

Knightsbridge #4 – Race it!

Knightsbridge #4 – Race it!

Knightsbridge Zentangle Racetrack
Knightsbridge Zentangle Racetrack

As I scrolled through the amazing posts for the Knightsbridge challenge on Eni Oken’s FB page, I kept seeing the same thing.  Racetracks. Racing flags. Those netty things over race-car windows (I’m sure that ‘netty thing’ is the technical term).  Now of the pieces were probably intentionally supposed to remind me of a Indy 500, but for they did.  So I thought, “Hey, why not do it on purpose?”

Then as I started my string the same thing kept popping into my head.  Mario Kart.  Yeah like the original Mario Kart, cuz yup, I’m that old. Especially the last race with the rainbow bridge? Anyone else as old as me remember that one? Well that’s all I could think about when I was doing this piece.  I considered adding mushrooms and turtle shells and little yellow stars everywhere, and making the knightsbridge pattern in psychedelic colours – but I figured it would lose some of its charm.

So here’s the progression!

First pic, basic outlines:

Second pic, after color, before shading and background:

Third pic, before shading, after background:

Final Piece! All shaded and stuff (sadly the sunlight was fading when I finally finished so the lighting isn't great):

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