Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Jaysix 2nd attempt

Jaysix 2nd attempt

Jaysix Zentangle Shaded
Jaysix Zentangle Shaded

I was playing around with the jaysix zentangle pattern in my head for awhile and thought, “Hmm… what can I do with the ends?”  My first thought was worms or snakes, neither of which I am of, now could I draw, then I thought, “Hey, why not go a little more organic? The jaysix tangle looks a bit like a weaved basket, so why not?” 

Alas, this is what my mind drew up.  I’m pretty fond of it J

Before pic (again, almost forget as the shading is barely started here)

Final piece, lots of shading! Ain’t it perrrty!?!

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