The Mysterious Mega Zentangled Project

The Mysterious Mega Project

 I am working on a mysterious mega project.  It’s not really that mysterious, but why not add a little surprise to the grand finale?

 This is going to take a lot of time, and a lot of patience, but I will keep this page updated with tidbits of information as the project unfolds.  Keep checking back for updates, and of course for the final outcome.  I promise to share all my tips, tricks, screw-ups and triumphs on this hefty endeavour.

 But first… a little story on how this project came to be.  My honey and I were drawing side-by-side on the couch, just doodling away, and he picked up a stack of my finished tiles. A light bulb went on above his head, which, if cartoons have taught us anything, meant that he had an idea.  He threw a few thoughts my may and I took them, mashed them up in my head and spewed out my grand plan. 

 We pushed everything else aside, he got out the measuring tape and I fetched a paper, a ruler and a pen.  Then I brainstormed til the idea had reached its full form.  Then I patted its head, kissed its little nose, and named the idea, “Celeste”. I found an old stuffed animal to keep her company and constructed Celeste a makeshift bed, thus telling my new pet project to get comfy, cuz this is going to take a while. 

 Stay tuned sweeties, and check in on the Mysterious Mega Project page often for frequent updates!

April 2nd 2016

Slits Challenge and the Mysterious Mega Zentangle Project

Slits challenge zentangle
Slits challenge zentangle

First, the slits challenge.  Eni Oken’s FB challenge of the week is to create slits within a zentangle piece.  I didn’t do very well.  It’s supposed to appear like the design is going in or coming out of the paper from a slit, just a gash, not quite a hole.

When I was done with my shading and what not – I really didn’t feel like I’d hit the target.  I was rather disappointed, and was going to ask Eni for guidance until she (psychically? ) posted how to do exactly what I couldn’t get.  No shading the part of the design that laps over the gap in the slit.  For more detail you’ll have to join Eni’s Shading Zentangle FB page to see her awesome worksheet! (Do it, do it now!)

 I expect to do better next time with this eye-opening revelation.

Now on to the Mysterious Mega Zentangle Project portion of our show… err I mean post.  This is tile #1 for the project.  Kind of gives away a lot, but I can still pretend its Super Mysterious.  At least I wasn’t exaggerating on the Mega part – this is going to take awhile.

This is where you can follow along with the project from the beginning.

Oh and here is my before pic

APRIL 12TH 2016

A little before and after on the chaos that is the tiles below - any guesses yet on where this is going?


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  2. Well, I think it has corners and sides -- and tiny little bridges across parts of it!

  3. It definitely has corners and sides :D

  4. OK...been following for guess is a house of cards constructed with tiles that have been tangled to correlate into the windows door etc once the "house" is built. Am I close? I'd not please tell me so I can do this house of cards thing MYSELF LOL kinda like those 3d puZzles they have nowadays. PS you're artwork is wonderful. I think u had bit in bus all along and your hand just needed time to catch up to your artistic SPIRIT lol

  5. Heather that is a BRILLIANT idea! Not mine though, so by all means do it! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done :) Thank you so much for the kind words :)

  6. Kiki... i think this mystery project would make a fabulous back splash in a kitchen or bathroom, OR "faux" wainscoting on a wall around a living room. Wonderful tiles!!! :))