Friday, 13 May 2016

Finishing up with Ruutz

Finishing Up With Ruutz

A collage of the pieces I managed to do this week

 I’ve had to sneak in tangle time between hospital visits this week and will need to do so for the following few weeks, possibly longer.  My MIL was diagnosed with breast cancer and it has been an exhausting series of appointments and tests and operation prep.

I still managed to get a few tiles in here and there. I was hoping to do Ruutz video, but just haven’t had the time or energy.  But here we have few tiles to finish up the Ruutz week. 

As you can tell, my mind wasn’t really with it, as I began shading just before the before- pic was taken. But hey, kudos to me for remember at all, lol.

Fun little sepia ruutz tile

Ruutz zentangle sepia

Ruutz zentangle sepia

This one was a little more complicated,  here is the before pic a few minutes after I started shading - woopsies

And the final piece all shaded and pretty and schtuff

Ruutz zentangle shaded

Ruutz zentangle shaded

And here is all of the ruutz tiles I managed to pull off over the weekly challenge

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