Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hold on to your Hormones

The Wolf of Wall Street

So picture a typically ambitious and testosterone-driven man’s most detailed wet dream.  Got it in your head? Good, it probably resembles the movie The Wolf on Wall Street.  So there ya go, no need to watch the movie.  Unless you want to see how it all goes wrong.  In that case, by all means take the three hours and bury yourself in this creative debauchery.

I don’t think there are many virile men out there who wouldn’t love this long escapade into money, drugs and loose women. A warning to the women though: expect your man to be in alpha-male mode after gnawing on this meaty film.

The acting, well the acting is superb. Leonardo DiCaprio tears to shreds and devours every aspect of our main character, Jordan Belfort.  A variety-pack of carnivorous actors ravish the screen with little to no effort in this mash-up cast.

And finally, kudos to the man who needs no accolades, Mr. Martin Scorsese – giving men what they’ve craved for decades, a movie so filled with testosterone that his audience can’t help but wonder how the crew doesn’t jump out of the film and attack them in typical ‘roid-rage fashion.

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