Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Same Ol' Woody

    Blue Jasmine - Movie Review

     I've always had a distaste for Woody Allen.  I never really "got" his films, and because of that, I always felt like I simply wasn't cool or hipster enough to "get" them.  Maybe I'm not. (Also, that affair with his adopted daughter was big news when I was a kid and didn't exactly grace him in my books.) Regardless of his so called "genius", his movies, and his being in general, have never done a thing for me.  Blue Jasmine was no exception.

    The only reason this movie got any stars at all from me is because of Cate Blanchett's amazing performance.  That woman is unbelievably talented.  Nonetheless, the movie stunk about as badly as blue cheese dressing drizzled over 3-day old tuna that's been left out in the sun.

   Okay maybe it wasn't THAT bad... It does have a great cast and the characters really do reel you in, but to what end? None at all. I've sat through my share of bad movies with crappy endings and no story wrap-ups lately but really, this one takes the caviar.

    Save yourself the time, don't bother with this film unless you are studying how to act, (or how NOT to complete a story), and go fishing instead.  In shark-infested waters. With someone you detest. It may not be the best day you've had but it most certainly will come to a more definite conclusion than this film.

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