Saturday, 21 January 2017

All things DraWings!

All things DraWings!


“All things DraWings!” It rhymes – look at me go being all poetic and schtuff.   How awesome is it that the Diva Challenge this week was Eni Oken’s challenge last week!  There was already a DraWings tangle snuck into in my Orb-La-Dee contribution to the Diva Challenge last week – so this times out perfectly for my "All Things DraWings" Post! YAY ME!


This is my summary post of all of the DraWings experiences I’ve had over the last week or so.  The DraWings Zentangle pattern was created by By Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas the original tangle step-out can be found here.


A special “Thank you” to Eni Oken who posted this DraWings challenge on her amazing FB page “Shading Zentangle”.  Be sure to stop by her website and check out her very cool books!

At the bottom of this page you'll find the 3 pieces I've done with DraWings.  Click on the link beside any of the photos to see the full posts and line art etc. for each piece.


Last but not least, here is my video of a nice and basic DraWings Zentangle design.

Here is the full post for my first DraWings attempt

Here is the full post for my 2nd DraWings attempt

Here is the full post of my 3rd DraWings attempt

Do you have a blog with a DraWings Zentangle post on it? Add the link to your DraWings Zentangle post below so others can view your work!  (please do not link to your main page, just the post with a DraWings zentangle on it)


  1. Your Drawings with Orbs-La-Dee is beautiful! Wonderful colours!

  2. Thanks Deanne! I used distress inks then added prismacolor pencils to shade the areas :)

  3. Each one of these is just lovely. Thank you for sharing your video!

    1. Happy to help out any way I can :) Sometime a video just helps the tangle "click" :)