Friday, 26 February 2016

Trippy Little Zentangle

Trippy Little Zentangle
It’s all in the shading! Of course had I thought of that and taken a before picture I could have actually shown HOW it’s all in the shading. But alas, I didn’t.
I little of the op-art here is lost in the camera image.  In person, this tile looks like it’s spinning if you stare directly at the center or look away.  It’s a fun little tangle to do when you just want to zen out and not think too much.

Maryhill Zentangle
Trippy little tangle

I can’t remember the name of pattern, sadly, and it so happens to be one of the rare occasions where I didn’t write it on the back of the tile.  I’m full of wins on this one.

(EDIT: A very nice person on the shading zentangle facebook page informed me that this tangle is called Maryhill - Thank you Dawn Collins!)

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