Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sharpies on Porcelain Christmas Presents

Sharpies on Porcelain Christmas Presents

I made some presents with sharpies on porcelain for Christmas. Here are the basics with pics to follow.
#1 – Yes this can be done on glazed porcelain! No prep required
#2 – Your microns will not work.  Regular sharpies will NOT work. 
#3 – You must must MUST use OIL BASED SHARPIES. (read below for more on this.
#4 – Once your design is done, cook in oven at 425 for 30 mins.  Let the piece heat up and cool in the oven to prevent cracking.
#5 – Use a soft sponge to wash once cooked. Do not wash or wet or wipe BEFORE cooking (more on this below).  Add a gift tag or write on the bottom of the piece instructions to WASH GENTLY WITH A SOFT SPONGE.
Check out this video that got me through the tough spots.
Oil based sharpies.  Okay so these run a little more pricy than regular sharpies.  I’m in Canada and they are just under 10$ each at Michael’s. Regular sharpies WILL wash off.  Micron Pens WILL wipe off! Oil based sharpies are the only way to go. (that I’ve found so far anyhow)
Here is a finished plant pot.  Cooked and all.  Pretty neat present as it comes with a plant bulb to grow later in the year.  This is completed and cooked and worked out.  YAY! Only about 10 hours to do each one (with drying time included because the paint can run with your hand movements if it’s not completely dry)
Kinda blurry - photo taken with cellphone.
The plates, oh how I love the plates! Warning: one of my paint sharpies exploded on the first one just as I was adding so finishing touches.  Luckily the design was “busy” enough to be able to save it.

And this is what happens when you try to wipe the pieces down before cooking them.  Ruined 2 pots this way, goodbye 20 hours… Not only does the paint “peel” off but it re-adheres itself to other parts of the piece.  Unsalvageable.

Finally, if you put the piece in the oven… and let’s just say you heated up some pizza in the oven the night before and a piece of cheese and mushroom and green pepper landed on the burner and you didn’t notice… and therefore it caught fire while your pieces are cooking, rendering them full of black soot… (yes, this is my life) they can be salvaged! After trying alcohol, soap and water, nail polish remover and bleach – (all carefully so as not to wreck the pattern) I found success with a simple baking soda and water paste.  
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. This is really awesome, I like to try this myself. Thanks a lot for this nice tip!!!